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We use basketball as a tool to teach and implement life lessons.

We believe in hard work, discipline, integrity and the team before me mentality.

We provide a positive environment that teaches our athletes to always have each others' backs, and we care about our teammates' success more than our own.

We put a strong emphasis on academics and giving back to the community through service.

Ambition is more than basketball, it's family.

Every player who wants to be an Ambition player will have the chance to do so.

No parent coaching. Every team is coached by Coach Mitch and his professional staff.

Players can train and play year-round, getting them more exposure to college coaches and making them much more competitive for school basketball. 

Players that do not initially make a competitive team are still Ambition Players, and will come to practices and skills clinics with the goal of improving and making a team.

We will make additional teams as enough players of a certain age group join. All players are welcome to embrace the process and get better!

The level of the team determines whether it competes locally or travels.

Grades and character are important. If athletes aren't passing, they aren't playing.

Uniforms will be universal for all age groups and teams. No names on the back until the Elite level.

Being on an Elite team is earned, never given.

Players can earn the chance to play up, regardless of which team they're on.

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