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"My son, Alec, trained under Coach Mitch for a number of years. In that time, he helped turn my son into a very well-rounded and capable player. Mitch carries with him a great set of skills as a coach, a knack for motivating his players and an impressive knowledge of the game. I am so pleased with all that he has taught my son about basketball, but I am even happier with the lessons that Coach Mitch has taught Alec about hard work, perseverance and character."

- Cynthia Salazar

"When my son first started he could not dribble well and he would always end up in foul trouble. Coach Mitch worked with him and he became a better player. When he started Middle School his 7th grade team won District and he was named MVP of the end of season basketball tournament.  Upon starting High School this past year, he made the Varsity basketball team and quickly moved up to being a starter. I cannot express how much Coach Mitch has made an impact in my son's life and how deeply he cares for the kids."

- Donna Coleman

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